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Why I became a therapist

We can all feel at times as if no one will understand us When we are going through a tough time – it is easy to feel that no one will understand us, no one cares or there’s no way out. As a therapist we are taught a lot about “disclosure” – do we or…


When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way

Barmouth Beach Building Stronger

“WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU STICKS AND STONES …… WHAT DO YOU DO?” Let’s face it we can all go through periods in our life when life does give us the full hurricane force of many sticks, stones and pebbles and crap thrown at us without even having the time to recover from the previous.


Accepting Our Inner Child

Inner Child work and care

‘Working with your inner child’ can sound a bit koo koo.But the inner child is a psychotherapeutic concept that arose with Jung, and many therapists use forms of inner child work as a powerful tool to help clients. Perhaps it could benefit you?


Making Mistakes & Self Development

Who Makes mistakes? Mistakes – we all make them. The thought of them can make us cringe, lie and pretend that they didn’t happen! It wasn’t me, I don’t know! What are you accusing me of? Defending our mistakes even has the capacity to turn us into bullies 😱. All quite regular defence mechanisms to protect…


I am Only Joking

I Was Only Joking

Lets talk about that get out clause – “I WAS ONLY JOKING!”!! I am only joking …. here’s a phrase that I’m sure all of us have heard or used at least once in our lifetime. I’m really interested in when & why people use it in everyday life or in the therapy room.


Making Waves Of Change

Growth is meant to happen

Change …. most of us want to do it in some way or another. We can see the benefits on how it could help us lead a healthier, more contented, happier life. But the reality is – change is difficult, it can be painful, exhausting or feel impossible and downright scary. And who needs more hassle in our already busy lives?


How Do You Deal With Unresolved Loss & Grief?

emotions when dealing with grief or loss

How do you deal with unresolved loss? When working with clients who are grieving I explain grief as in three different stages – this is a really simplified explanation. I always clarify it’s important to understand these steps aren’t always linear. The best way I can explain grief as a trampoline of intense emotions and feelings – at times you might find yourself jumping around all three stages in one day …. or one hour or minute even!


Living With Neurodiversity

celebrating neuro diversity

Neurodiversity?? This is becoming a more popular phrase replacing words such as “learning disabilities and learning difficulties, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Aspergers”. When different people have different ways of doing/ being things – some see it as a disability. Some view it as a learning disorder.


Eye See, Eye Don’t Syndrome

Pretending not to see

How much time do we actually spend convincing ourselves we don’t feel something? We didn’t see it? We must have imagined it? EYE SEE, I DON’T SYNDROME. What’s the impact of this on our health? Emotional and Physical?