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Living with Heightened Anxiety

We Love Certainty Generally as Human beings ….. we like certainty.  We are hard-wired to want to know what & when happening and to notice things that feel threatening to us. Think fight or flight mechanism. For those familiar with the The Polyvagal Theory – you will be aware of the books strap line “The…


What To Do After A Counselling Session?

Here’s a list of my 6 top picks of places around Wetherby and Harrogate for some chill time after your counselling session. Any type of relationship counselling session can leave you drained. Wether you are going as a couple or on your own. You have poured your heart out in a session, perhaps cried or…


Rebranding of Empathy Offered – now Red Kite Therapy

Latest Update: Empathy Offered Rebrand Just to let you know Empathy offered Counselling is now known as Red Kite Therapy. I still will be offering a counselling and psychotherapy in a supportive space with oodles of empathy! I now also no longer practice out of Wetherby Therapy Rooms, but instead from my private practice on…


Creative Writing to help release emotion.

Wetherby Counsellor Yasmin ……. Here I share with you how creative writing can help you release emotion and find clarity. I appreciate fully creative writing is not everyones cup of tea. For some it will work whereas for others it will be another way. Ways To Contact Me Creative Writing & The Therapeutic Process.  We…


Why I became a therapist

Wetherby Counsellor

We can all feel at times as if no one will understand us When we are going through a tough time – it is easy to feel that no one will understand us, no one cares or there’s no way out. As a therapist we are taught a lot about “disclosure” – do we or…


When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way

Barmouth Beach Building Stronger

“WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU STICKS AND STONES …… WHAT DO YOU DO?” Let’s face it we can all go through periods in our life when life does give us the full hurricane force of many sticks, stones and pebbles and crap thrown at us without even having the time to recover from the previous.


Accepting Our Inner Child

Inner Child work and care

‘Working with your inner child’ can sound a bit koo koo.But the inner child is a psychotherapeutic concept that arose with Jung, and many therapists use forms of inner child work as a powerful tool to help clients. Perhaps it could benefit you?

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