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Online Counselling - working to your schedule.

I fully appreciate these days most of us are pressed for time. Whether its pressures from work, parents, family, relationship, money worries or just plain baggage. With advances in technology, online services are playing more of an active role in peoples lives. Online counselling via secure video calling is a modern, innovative method of obtaining support. This can involve video calling, text messaging and email support or a combination.

Having gained experience in business in the technology sector prior to my career in counselling I am an advocate of using technology safely for therapy. learn more about me here and the issues I work with. 

Else if you would prefer, you can see me at my private practice in Harrogate or Wetherby.

Online Counselling or tele-therapy

I offer Online Counselling via the internet either through email exchange or a secure, encrypted video calling platform. It is similar to In-person face-to-face therapy. You may prefer this method or tele-therapy for a variety of different reasons such as a busy schedule, time constraints, disability, social phobia, or location. I appreciate the whole "counselling process" is pretty daunting, so for those feeling a little nervous of the process this can be a good way to break the ice.

Online counselling can either be long-term or short-term. Its all dependant on the issue you bring and what is suitable for your individual need. At the start of our therapeutic relationship, we will agree on a suitable number of sessions and these will be reviewed every four weeks.

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