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My Counselling Availability 

Find out my counselling availability.

  • HARROGATE : MONDAYS & THURSDAYS face to face in person counselling
  • WETHERBY: TUESDAY & SATURDAYS face to face in person counselling
  • ONLINE APPOINTMENTS, FLEXIBLE you can read here how to get the process started.

To enquire please drop me an email at hello@empathyoffered.com or call me 07451211748

(often I will be with clients a great way to reach me is by email or text and we can arrange a convenient time to speak)

Before You start your counselling journey with me

It is expected for you to perhaps feel unsure and cautious about therapy. You will probably have lots of questions that you are unsure about - how it will work, how long will you need, can you afford it, what will I be like, what type of therapy will be involved, can you trust me?

The assessment is where you will have a chance to ask me these questions. If you feel embarrassed or shy asking me what's on your mind you can always email at hello@empathyoffered.com to break through any barriers that may be holding you back from getting the right help.

The Issues

Find out about issues I specialise In

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Get Started

Some important questions answered.

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