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You can call me on 07451211748

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Perhaps you may feel a little nervous contacting me if it makes you feel more comfortable just send me a text message or an email to get the process started. Or just send a message in the contact form below.

  • You can email me at hello@empathyoffered.com this email method is secure and encrypted.  I aim to answer messages within 24 hours for new enquiries, sooner if my schedule permits.


  • I try to avoid missed calls, listening to badly recorded voice-mail messages,  or simply no one there to answer your call. I understand this could leave you frustrated. These triggers could make you feel like I don't care or you are not heard. So sending a text or an email is a safe way to break the ice. I always answer messages.


Wetherby Counsellor
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Creative Therapies
Intense Therapy/ Therapy Breakthrough days
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My locations are from my private practice on Wetherby High Street (LS22) and Harrogate town centre. Both locations are discrete.  You are welcome to send me a message using the form below and I will respond as soon as I am able. I always welcome new enquires warmly. If I can't help - I will know someone who can.


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