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What is Coaching Useful For?

Coaching is used as a method for facilitating intentional positive change. Once upon a time labelled as a self‐help fad (Barry, 1994), Coaching is now widely used in organisations as a means of enhancing performance and aiding the development of employees from CEO level to front‐line staff.

Coaching methodologies are also now commonly used in a wide range of personal life domains, including relationship coaching, dating, emotions, health, communication, confidence, weight loss or general “life coaching”.

Coaching allows us to address the ubiquitous human need for goal attainment, self‐discovery, and personal development.

Feel happy in your life most the time?

Or do you spend most of your time feeling deflated, demoralised and wishing your life was different? Very different? If you feel you are ready to stop negative thoughts, break old worn out patterns of behaviour and eliminate limiting beliefs that keep you firmly stuck .... coaching could be the answer for you.

Dynamic focused personal coaching

Is a collaborative, solution-focused approach which works towards unlocking a client's true potential.

Coaching can be productive for any area of a clients life bringing about motivation and empowerment. Releasing the feeling of stuckness and inducing change. Coaching works in the here and now in a goal orientated way by breaking down the goal into ways which help a client approach and attain their goals.

Do you struggle with ....

  • Negative beliefs that keep you stuck in the past or worried about the future?
  • Anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration that keep you focused on what you don’t have instead of what you do have in your life?
  • Daily rituals that you keep repeating even though you know they are unhealthy and unproductive and will never get you where you want to be?
  • Behaviours that don’t reflect who you really are which leave you feeling unhappy, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled?
  • Limiting personality traits that you have been unable to overcome?







Ready to find out more? Supportive Wetherby Counsellor Yasmin

Counselling Leeds, West Yorkshire & Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I am available from my private practice on Wetherby High Street (LS22), Leeds, West Yorkshire and Harrogate town centre. Both locations are discrete and easily accessible.  You are welcome to send me a message using the form above and I will respond as soon as I am able. I always welcome new enquires warmly. If I can't help - I will know someone who can.


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