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My approach in sessions

You might be wondering what my approach in sessions will be? What will I be like? I do not expect you to be trusting of me from the start. I accept that you will be cautious, I understand your need to protect yourself. I do not expect you to share everything with me. It's important you set the pace. I will not rush you. I will be patient. You might change the story as the sessions progress, dramatically. That's perfectly O.K too.

My belief will be as you have started your journey there is something you are not happy within your life, or something you feel not quite right. You might know or you might not. You might be looking for answers or you might just want someone to hear you out. You might want to change or you might find change too frightening or impossible and just want support. These options are all perfectly fine with me.

I will not take away your autonomy

I will want to help you, but we will not achieve this by me trying to rescue or fix you. Together we will create a therapeutic relationship where you can be understood. A trusting therapeutic relationship will be the catalyst for your growth and empowerment. You are the master of your own life. I can share my knowledge gained through my life experiences and my training, but we are equal in this therapeutic relationship. I am sure just as you may leave changed through our encounter I also will in some way or another.

I will not be afraid to say goodbye

When your work is done. I will be sad to see you go. But this will not stop me letting you go. I see it as my ethical duty to be aware of when the work has been done. I will not be able to become your friend, but it doesn't mean from time to time I won't think of you fondly in my thoughts.

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