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Wetherby Counsellor

Further areas I work in can be found  here .  My therapy sessions aim to be productive and an overall enjoyable experience.

about me

I specialise in offering supportive counselling to clients wanting to have better relationships in their lives.

My name is Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar, I provide professional qualified counselling, psychotherapy and coaching. I aim to offer my clients a safe and nurturing space where they can find some clarity in dealing with their life hurdles and difficulties.  Working towards having better relationship with self and others and improving vastly their quality of life.

Having worked with clients presenting a range of issues from diverse communities I am confident with the right support you can make progress. My experience consists of working with young adults transitioning through life stages, adults and retirees in sports, technology and creative industries. It extends widely from working with communities in the financial world to the adult industry. A close interest is women transitioning through to the menopause.

The Values I Offer You

I want to help you find your own identity, your individuality - by giving you space to  be "yourself". Wanting to help you discover the  ultimate power your relationship with self and others brings. I value individual difference and I appreciate the struggle in being honest to yourself and others.

I don't have the answers for you (although I may have a suggestion or two) nor do I claim to be a "fixer". And you won't find me "telling you what to do". I firmly believe we can all be empowered to find our own answers with care and a supportive counselling environment. It is my core belief we are all born with the need to grow and the capacity to embrace change, I can share highly effective strategies which will help you do this.

My Beliefs I share with you

What I do know is our capacity for change is nurtured through relationships. It is my intention our relationship will be the catalyst to promote positive change in your life. I am OK to sit with people in chaos, in conflict, in pain. I can accept stuckness.  I am not saying you will change.

Sometimes people can't change or it's not the right time, and that's O.K too. I am here to work with you at your pace. I am not nervous to feel fearful or afraid to sit in a dark pit keeping you company. But at the same time I will be kindly proactive.

Through our therapeutic counselling sessions  I will support you when you are trying to find clarity in your life. I can offer you a safe space and time to reflect on making difficult decisions and changes in your life. The change might even be accepting you can't change. I can offer compassion, empathy, understanding, acceptance, and a place for you to be "truly heard".

Ready to find out more? Supportive Wetherby Counsellor Yasmin

Counselling Leeds, West Yorkshire & Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I am available from my private practice on Wetherby High Street (LS22), Leeds, West Yorkshire and Harrogate town centre. Both locations are discrete and easily accessible.  You are welcome to send me a message using the form above and I will respond as soon as I am able. I always welcome new enquires warmly. If I can't help - I will know someone who can.


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