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Need a space to talk?

Are you wanting to do things a different way? Ready to move away from chaos towards calm? Not quite sure where or how or when to start?

My name is Yasmin and I offer the opportunity for you to have a healthy meaningful conversation with me. I am a qualified counsellor near Harrogate, promotor of mind soundness and healthy emotional wellbeing. I offer counselling and an emotional wellbeing service online and in Yorkshire.

Perhaps you are facing a crisis and need some support, wanting change or just looking for some top up wellbeing maintenance before you reach crisis point? The fact you are reading this or thinking of finding a counsellor takes courage. It would not be unusual to feel a little unsure about seeking help. We can work together to help you find some answers no matter what you are facing.

A Place To Feel Supported

I acknowledge for those wanting to make a change, the process can be difficult. It can be frightening, traumatic and on the surface in some ways easier to ignore the problem and carry on per normal. Deep down we know this method of avoidance is a short term fix.

We can all go through a time in our life where we just need a little space in a supportive, non-judgmental environment to reflect and take stock of our emotions. To be understood, to be heard. To clear up confusion and get some clarity and focus back into our lives. To be able to move on from traumatic life events or to just understand why you are the way you are. To start to make much wanted and needed changes in behaviour patterns that limit our potential. Or perhaps the thought of change is too frightening or painful?


You might not be ready or you simply don't want to change. You just might find the thought too overwhelming. Or you might just want someone to support you during a difficult time in your life. With me that's O.K too.

Creating A Safe Space

Counselling and Psychotherapy are therapy interventions that involve creating a safe, nurturing and confidential relationship between therapist and client. This provides you eventually with the opportunity to evaluate and evolve your understanding of how you view and relate to self and the people around you. Understanding your relating patterns can help you make the changes you need to and gives you a better understanding of yourself.

I use a combination of talking therapy and creative mediums to help the process. I fully understand sometimes we just can't say the words. Those words. In such cases I find creative mediums essential in the process. As a qualified counsellor adhering to the BACP ethical guidelines I can't do the job for you, I am not here to fix or rescue you nor am I here to tell you what to do. But as a qualified counsellor I can support and gently guide you in the direction of increased self-awareness and personal development by understanding you, being empathetic and sharing some of the learned knowledge I have gained through my training. Read more about my approach in sessions and learn more about the issues I work with.