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Helping busy professionals repair or break free from broken relationships and patterns. 

Counselling & Coaching in Harrogate & Wetherby with Yasmin. 

Whether you want to build awesome personal relationships or fix broken ones or escape from toxic, damaging ones I can help you. I can't fix them for you - but I will empower you to work towards the result you want. I am very interested in the many types of relationships we have and how they affect our lives.

Problems with relationships in our lives can leave us feeling misunderstood, anxious & depressed. This can be a lonely & isolating place to be in. Whether it be family, friends, neighbours, work or issues such as eating, anger, addiction - we cannot avoid relationships.

"Building exceptional personal relationships instead"

The trouble is they can be stressful to deal with, especially when trying to work out acceptable boundaries or forgive or trying to repair damaged relationships. We can all at times have intense feelings that we find difficult to control or communicate. Falling into the same old patterns, getting angry & stressed instead. perhaps using aggressive or violent behaviour even as a way to cope.

This often makes things worse & we can end up pushing those we  want close to us  away. This can be an emotional and confusing time. Some of us turn inwards as a way of coping - towards risky behaviour, self harming or isolating ourselves even.

"I Specialise In Supporting Clients Who Want To Build Better Relationships"

I am passionate about helping adults and young people grow by increasing their self awareness through helping them understand themselves better. I believe our relationship with "our self" holds the key to many of our issues. Crack this relationship and all else follows -  increased confidence, self-belief & empowerment. As a result other relationships get easier.

Find Counsellor Harrogate, Bradford, Wetherby, Leeds

I specialise in helping clients improve relationships by offering support, understanding & sharing effective coping strategies.

My approach is to provide you with genuine, compassionate, kind, down to earth, pragmatic and proactive care. I use a combination of talking and creative therapies. I also offer walk and talk therapy. My primary focus is not to fix your problems, but to empower you. I achieve this by giving you a supportive safe space where you can work through your issues. I shall share with you my powerful personal experience and professional expertise in helping you. I will work towards supporting you so you will leave enabled to embrace life.

I work with a diverse clientele, having extensive experience with working with clients  in the creative, tech and sporting industries. I specialise with eating disorders, money or sexual problems. I have a personal interest in anxiety and depression and work with adults and young people to help them make sense of the world they live in and gain effective coping strategies.

I love my job, in fact it doesn't feel like work - you can read more here on why I trained to be a therapist. For counselling in Harrogate you can make an appointment in Central Harrogate or Wetherby you can find my contact details here.

Want To Make Positive Changes?Are You Having Relationship Issues? Feel Frozen? Entangled? But Want To Move Forward In Your Life?

We can work together to make this happen so you can start embracing life once again. Maybe you:

  • Hope for better relationships with self and others?
  • Or your relationship with your environment?
  • Whether it be food, alcohol, money, internet addiction or anything else.
  • Want to do things a different way?
  • Feel ready to move away from chaos towards calm?
  • Want to improve self esteem and confidence?
  • Would like to learn to communicate better? with clarity?
  • Want to manage your emotions better? Be calmer? Less Angry?
  • Perhaps you are facing a crisis and need support? Family conflict?
  • Just want change? But not sure where to start?
  • Are looking for some top up wellbeing maintenance before reaching crisis point?

Ready to find out more?

Are you looking for counselling in Harrogate, North Yorkshire or in Leeds, West Yorkshire?

Perhaps you are a busy professional who has been googling "counselling Harrogate" or phrases like "counsellors near me, find counsellors Leeds or counsellors in Harrogate". Are you thinking about the idea of counselling? I'm Yasmin and I am available for online  or in person  based in Harrogate,  North Yorkshire and Wetherby West Yorkshire offering coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. Both my locations are easily accessible from the town centre.

My locations are Central Harrogate (HG1) and Wetherby High Street (LS22). Both locations are discrete. Send me a message, text or call, I always welcome new enquires warmly. If I can't help - I will know someone who can.

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What my clients say ....

My counsellor has been very supportive and allowed me to look at my situations from different perspectives. Helped build a professional relationship and made me look at my personal relationships differently. I feel so much better. Thank you June 2019

Had a wonderful experience with my therapists guidance and support. I feel like I have been on a journey since initially feeling low to now being optimistic about the future. June 2019

I really appreciate the time you have taken to listen to my feelings and helped me understand them in a different light. Thank you once again July 2019 

Thank you for helping me to grow into a stronger and happier person. You've helped me get to a stronger foundation. I will really miss being able to offload about how crazy life can be sometimes. May 2019

Nice to be listened to and understood. March 2019

I'm so glad I got involved with the counselling service this year. It's helped me to learn/ start loving myself & putting myself first. April 2019

Very understanding and very helpful. Great suggestions. Very happy with her service. February 2019

Guidence has been amazing directed into a more positive lifestyle. February 2019

It was an amazing experience. Thank you so much. November 2018

I felt listened to and was able to talk about issues without judgement. I was given good and helpful advice. February 2019

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